Deep Peace Concerts & Sound Temple Workshops with Paul Temple's RadianceMatrix

"Some people play music and some people channel spirit thru sound.  Paul is definitely a powerful channel.”          - Melissa - Deep Peace Concert attendee


Paul, I recently experienced your workshop in Santa Fe. It was exquisite! What an amazing heart portal you catalyzed!  THANK YOU!   - Sheila


"I have produced concerts in Sarasota and the Tampa Bay area for Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten, Tina Malia and others, and was really happy to host a concert with Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix. There was fabulous response to the concerts - the audience was deeply moved by the power and beauty of the music. We will definitely invite him back."  
                                             - Jim Dawson, Ocean of Sound Productions


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Paul Temple's RadianceMatrix offers live, meditative "Deep Peace Concerts" with Tibetan bowls, incorporating mantra chanting, flutes, Tibetan throat singing and overtone harmonics. One can listen to the bowls, flutes and chanting as beautiful music or one can bathe in the pure radiant vibrations of the sound.  


"OMG, the concert last night was so beautiful. The tones that come from the bowls and and through Paul are so powerful!  I definitely had an out of body, spiritual experience!"                  Cathi - Concert Attendee, Sarasota, FL


Paul has given concerts in churches, concert halls, yoga studios and at music festivals and conferences around the US. In the concerts people are invited to relax and meditate into the pure sonic space created by the bowls. You may sit or lie down as feels comfortable. It is fine to drift into dreaming. The concerts are a time to rest, receive, reconnect with your inner-self and experience deep peace. 


"Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix played at our Unity Church and was very well-received. As soon as he started playing, listeners dropped into a deep meditation space that was very beautiful. 
                                     - Peggy Christianson - Spiritual Leader, Unity of Fort Collins, CO


"This was by far the most profound music experience I  had at the festival.” 

                                     - Deep Peace Meditation attendee – Arise Music Festival






"Thank you for creating a beautiful, safe and nurturing space for us. The sound journey was very powerful and very deep. What a gift!” 

                                                                 - Denise – retreat attendee


The Sound Temple workshops offerred by RadianceMatrix are a sonic immersion for those who want to go deeper into the magic and mystery of the bowls. They include participative chanting as well as energy movement exercises, visualization, meditation and other integrative practices. Workshops typically run three hours. 



“Your music opened my chakras and made me very emotional. Thank you for such beautiful music and such healing sounds.” 

                                             - Tomoko – retreat attendee



"I loved the Tibetan Bowls concert. I went into a deep quiet trance. The blending of the flute and voices was totally magical."

                                                                       - Marsha Scarbrough, Santa Fe, NM
Author: Honey in the River and  Medicine Dance


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