The Newest Album From 

Paul Temple's  RadianceMatrix

Like ancient emanations from a secret cave in the Himalayas,

this album evokes the mystical sounds of Tibetan Bowls

and chanting to awaken karmic memories 

of who we are becoming: 

Beings of Diamond Light. 


Herein one can find the ancient transmission of the Vajra

 or Pure Diamond Light.

For those who have experienced the power of Paul’s live concerts, this album contains the Vajrayana throat chanting and Tibetan bowls that are the centerpiece of his presentations. These recordings offer the same mystical energies as the live transmission. The album also features Paul’s chakra chanting practice and the Loka Samasta mantra used at the end of each concert to dedicate the merit to the benefit of all beings. 


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1. Sonic Architecture              

2. Calling the Vajra Guru       

3. Vajra Sattva Mantra            

4. Diamond Light Meditation             

5. Dedication of Merit             

6. Neuron Reformation          

            7. Chakra Song                                   
8. Loka Shanti  


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Earlier Recordings



This album is just the pure, healing sound of Tibetan Bowls
in eight meditative pieces that journey into the realms of deep
peace and stillness. The bowls create a sacred vibrational
space that helps still the mind so we can connect with the
unified quantum awareness. Welcome Home!


  1. Path to Peace
  2. Melting into Bliss
  3. Relaxation Meditation
  4. Sound of Silence
  5. Sacred Space
  6. Healing Vibration
  7. Lucent Awareness
  8.  Primordial Sound


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Featuring the voice of DEVA PREMAL

From the convergence of two great sonic forces – the voice of Deva Premal and the sound of Tibetan healing bowls – arises this album of great beauty and mystery. The deeply meditative music transports us to an inner dimension of stillness, timelessness and beingness.


The music melds the mesmerizing voice of Deva Premal, singing her classic renditions of The Gayatri MantraOm Mani Padme Hum, Om Shanti Om and others, into the warm, enveloping sound-field of Tibetan healing bowls. The bowls are tuned to concert pitch, so they create luminous harmonic architectures around Deva’s transporting voice.


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                             First Album                                   DEEP PEACE EXPERIENCE


DEEP PEACE EXPERIENCE was released by RadianceMatrix in 2014. The music was composed and recorded by Paul Temple, who has been a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and other spiritual wisdoms for many years. The album is available by digital download on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon as well as on CD (links below).


“Just got in my car after a grueling day and your CD started playing.
So thankful for your calming music right now.”    - Rachel P



A primordial soundscape that ventures through the pure mystical realm of Tibetan healing bowls, the music is deeply meditative and ambient. The gentle binaural pulses balance activity in the brain hemispheres. The recordings are ideal for use in healing, massage and meditation sessions.


On one level you can listen to the beautiful dreamy music as music -- or you can close your eyes, let the energy waves wash over you and let the binaural resonance takes you into a deel alpha, then theta level meditation. It is a sonic journey for deep dreaming -- a tonal painting in 3D audio color that allows you to enter into another time dimension:  life in slow-motion.


The music includes overtone chanting, Tibetan throat singing, Sanskrit mantras and Native American flute -- all as flourishes to the awesome power of the bowls.



Paul has really made a sacred album. It creates just what the title implies: Deep Peace.   More than music, it’s a healing tool.”    

                                                   Lee Carroll - Channel for KRYON  




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“Paul Temple has done a remarkable job creating "Deep Peace Experience".  With wonderful performances, excellent compositions and great fidelity, I highly recommend this recording for anyone who would like to experience the Deep Peace this album has to offer.”                                                                        -  Jonathan Goldman



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